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Heaven's Heartbeat is a country love song about the experience of watching a thunderstorm with the one you love. It was created by the song writing duo of Britt Warren and Albert Cardwell from North Carolina. Albert wrote the lyrics in the late 1990's for his loving wife Patti, because one of their favorite things to do was to watch thunderstorms together. After he wrote them, the lyrics stayed in a filing cabinet for over 17 years until Britt became part of the project. Britt has over 35 years of studio and recording experience as well as creating his own instrumental and multiple genre music that is known across the globe. Albert knew that Britt was the one to make the song happen. Britt created the musical composition and sang the lyrics to create the final version. In 2016 the song Heaven's Heartbeat became a reality.
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Heaven's Heartbeat Lyrics


Some folks are frightened
by thunder and lightning
but there's nothing I'd rather do
than stand on the front porch
watching a storm approach with you
...... Oh you know it's true
With the rumble so loud
and  flashes so bright,
with you in my arms
oh nothing could feel more right


Some fear disaster
others feel delight
but my heart beats faster
when there's a storm in sight.


Storms and love,
they're a lot alike.
Some folks run and hide
with the first strike.
But with you by my side
and feeling our love grow,
the reflections in your eyes
are like a fireworks show.


Some fear disaster
others feel delight
but my heart beats faster
when there's a storm in sight.
Thunder and lightning in the sky above
makes the night more exciting
when you're with the one you love


When the clouds roll in
you know I just can't wait.
Oh it's the perfect moment
for me to say .....
I don't need the latest movie
or to dine on fancy food,
just Heaven's Heartbeat
while I make love to you.


Some fear disaster
others feel delight
but my heart beats faster
when there's a storm in sight.
Thunder and lightning in the sky above
makes the night more exciting
when you're with the one you love


When I'm with you
I feel Heaven's Heartbeat
when I'm with you
when I'm with you

About The Lyricist, Albert Cardwell

Albert Cardwell has been a portrait and commercial photographer for over 40 years, starting at the age 11. Of course one of his favorite things to photograph is the weather conditions. You can see some of Albert's photographs in the slideshow below and at www.photographyimages.com.

One of his true loves has always been music but he never had the ability to play an instrument. For over 20 years Albert has dabbled in song writing but had never pursued getting them produced. With Britt Warren's help and creativity, Heaven's Heartbeat is the first one to be recorded. Hopefully others will follow.

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Heaven's Heartbeat Credits

Patti Cardwell: The reason behind the song.

Albert Cardwell: Lyrics, Thunder Recording, CD Cover Photography & Design

Britt Warren: Music Composition, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Mixing, Master Recording, Sound Engineering

Jesse Finney: Drums

Glenn Joyce: Steel Guitar

Donnie Lea: Assistant Sound Engineer

God: For providing the thunder.

Produced by Britt Warren
Co-produced by Albert Cardwell

Recorded at Salt Mine Productions in Madison, North Carolina

About The Musician, Britt Warren:

As a session pro, writer, and touring musician since 1979, there's little that guitarist Britt Warren hasn't encountered in the transient world of the professional music scene. Starting his professional music career as a studio musician, working primarily in the southeastern United States, he quickly found himself in situations that demanded he study and master multiple genres and styles. After his family started developing, with the birth of his twin sons, Britt made a decision to temporarily come off the road and accepted a job offer with an advertising agency as an in-house composer for national TV and radio campaigns for such clients as, Whirlpool Appliances, Wrangler Jeans (Telly Award), Bassett Furniture, Lane Action, HGTV, and the list goes on and on. In these campaigns the demand for diversity was tremendous and he rose to the occasion, composing everything from classical based orchestral compositions to hip-hop. This also helped to develop his ability on multiple instruments, resulting in his playing most of the instruments on his recordings. Due to years of composing for visual based media, Britt's compositions, even as a performance artist, especially lend themselves to film and TV scenes. Now, with family grown, and rich musical and life experiences under his belt he has re-emerged as a performance artist and in 2002 released a project entitled "Fearless" consisting of 11 tracks (7 instrumental and 4 vocal oriented tracks) which did really well in Europe quickly after released and he released "Dance Of Broken Chains" in 2011 which got noticed by many including Guitar Player Magazine which featured him not once but twice. He currently produces and plays guitar for the rock band "The Nut Drivers" as well as continuing to compose for TV and film in the U.S and U.K.

For more information on custom music production by Britt Warren, to book a performance, or if you just want to know more about Britt Warren contact him at salt424@aol.com, www.brittwarren.com www.reverbnation.com/brittwarren and www.thenutdrivers.com
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